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Depictions about the impacts of a warming world are often cast in epic proportions in films like Leo DiCaprio’s Chasing Ice and Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth series; in these movies, climate change is massively scaled, maybe so much so that viewers feel helpless to do anything about it. In Not Ok, the phenomenon of disappearing glaciers happens on a smaller scale, a more human scale. It tells the story of a small glacier, Okjökull, who resided on a low mountain, in a little country, near the end of the world. It is a small tale, of course, that points to much larger, global concerns. Co-created with Dominic Boyer and based out of my Icelandic research project, Melt: The Social Life of Ice, the making of the film was the inspiration behind our glacier memorial for Okjökull in August 2019.

You can read more about the project here:

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